Box Tops For Education

Clip and save the Box Tops For Education, collected throughout the year. Remember: each one is worth a dime!

Soup Labels

Campbell's Soup Labels are collected throughout the year.

Annual Auction

Trinity holds an annual auction every March or April. Many local and national companies contribute to our auction as well as local craftsmen. Donations of new or nearly new, quality items are always welcome! Come and join the fun in a live auction hosted by Tim Kaltenbach, Sr.

A silent auction is also held at this time. Refreshents are available.

For further information, contact Trinity's main office.

Tim Kaltenbach, Sr. - Professional Auction Service. Licensed and Bonded AU-003835-L

Laps for Learning Fundraiser

Fall walk-a-thon held in October.

Spaghetti Dinner

The bi-annual Spaghetti Dinner is held twice a year (September/February).

Come for great food and friendly service, while supporting a worthwhile cause.

4:30-7:00 P.M.

Price: $7.00 per adult /$4.00 per child/$23.000 Nuclear Family


Eat in or take out. Come for Great Food!

Flower Sale

Flower Selection

 Weis Markets

Monthly access to purchase gift cards for full value.

2.5% of purchase deducted from student's tuition 2.5% goes to the PTO