Academic Tools

All textbooks and workbooks are supplied by the school.

Additional materials are assigned by grade level and teacher.  Examples may be markers, pencils, erasers, tissues, chlorox wipes, paper towels, etc.

Click here for a PDF copy of the school handbook.

Grading Scale - %

90-100 = A (Outstanding)

80-89 = B (Above Average)

70-79 = C (Average)

60-69 = D (Passing)

< 60 = F (Failing)


1.  Be Prompt

        -Be in seat by 8:15 AM.

        -When changing classes, go directly to the class.

2.  Be Prepared

        -Follow the directions the first time given

        -Bring the following materials to class

        -Sharpened pencil and pencil box

        -Completed homework



3.  Participate

        -Ask questions and keep trying

        -Complete work in class

        -Take and active part in class discussions and activities.

4.  Show Respect

        -Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

        -Raise hand to speak

        -Listen while other people are talking

5.  Be Responsible

        -Be honest

        -Be a positive role model

        -Help others

        -Be nice to each other and care about your school and yourself.

6.  New Hanbook